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In today’s review, is the focus of attention. Is this the dating site to find your perfect interracial matches, or is there simply one too many catches? Our review has all the key information! Overview: is an online dating platform designed with the purpose of bringing singles together with members outside of their race. For example, they can match black men with white women for a mixture of short-term connections and long-term relationships, depending on what a user is looking to achieve from their dating journey.

AfroRomance does well to implement various useful practices to their service, allowing all users to chat and flirt with whoever they see fit, when they desire, for as long as they wish, in a way that suits them best. To date, this semi-unique dating site has racked up over 100,000 members, with 40% of all members existing within this age range.

At first glance, the large number of users being between 35-44 and the small overall members base is a drawback and a potential pitfall for both younger and older members hoping to find compatible people to date. As 40,000 reside in this range, the large majority of online dating connections are formed between middle-aged members.


Unsurprisingly, the application process on AfroRomance was a fairly uneventful experience. Users need to set aside a maximum of 10 minutes to complete the entire form. To sign-up, the application process is divided into three different stages on separate pages.

  • About you – gender, ethnicity, sexual preferences
  • Email and password
  • Further information – name, date of birth, location, status, etc. (this stage can be largely skipped)

After adding the above information, users are then prompted to add happy “action shots” to attract singles online. (Action shots are images of you doing something that makes you smile). We found that this was easier said than done, as another party is required to take the photo.

Users can save time during the application by becoming a member via Facebook registration. As such, your name, location, and selected images can be automatically transferred to your new dating profile and don’t need to be manually inputted. This also helps to log in faster.

Members & Profiles

Member Structure:

  • Men – 50%
  • Women – 50%

The gender split on AfroRomance is perfectly even, offering men and women an even number of opportunities to make connections online. Usually, a dating platform is inundated with either too many women or too many men.

Members are afforded the ability to view unblurred, full-size images simply by signing up. Usually, this perk is reserved for premium members. As such, everyone can assess the attractive qualities of a potential suitor without needing to pay a fee. Safety

Before your profile is published online, the administrators first need to check the validity of your account and the information you have provided, in turn creating a safe environment for dating. By allowing the customer support team to check profiles, all users can be sure of who they’re conversing with online, despite the physical distances.

Secondly, a block feature is enabled on your account the moment your profile goes live, allowing you to restrict access to your profile from anyone you see fit. Furthermore, users can be reported to AfroRomance for an investigation, although lengthy wait times have been known to be a prevailing occurrence.

Is Legit? is a legitimate dating site providing a reliable medium for singles from different ethnic groups to meet, meticulously banning and restring users who breach their terms of service.

Costs and Prices

The prices for a subscription package on are:

  • 1-month membership – $19.95
  • 3-months membership – $39.99
  • 6-months membership – $69.99
Pros / Cons
  • Straightforward application process
  • Facebook registration is available
  • Members from many ethnicities and cultures
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Limited special features
  • There is no mobile app
  • Users can sign up without account verification
  • Hard to find compatible people


Although is a decent online dating platform, we found that the services and features could be expanded further to achieve a better dating experience for members and attract more new applications much quicker.

The membership prices are low and hard to beat; the lack of special features and the constant need to be a premium user to send messages is a huge setback to the service and its potential rewards.

Granted, the costs are low and can be paid in a multitude of ways, but the available features and new functions unlocked with a subscription don’t seem worth it to us. The only plus side we can fathom for purchasing a membership is unlimited messaging. However, even then, those users you’re looking to initiate new dating possibilities with may be unable to send a message back due to lack of payment.

On the other hand, the dating safety tips are a huge bonus and potentially a saving grace for this dating platform. The tips go a long way to informing members on the best ways to date while ensuring a safe, smooth dating experience at all times.

With such care and attention taken to offer members valuable knowledge they may not have come across, AfroRomance improves their overall ranking. However, we also know that there are some other interracial dating sites that can be accessed to enjoy a very similar level of service with many more potential rewards for you, including different special features. All in all, the choice is up to you!

In our review, has achieved a rating of 3.5. Check out more reviews on!



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