Best Free Online Dating Sites in the US: Our Top

If you’re unsure of where to find a proven list of the best free online dating sites in the US, look no further than! We have created this guide so that you can save your free time and instead put it towards flirting with other singles online!


Online Dating Sites

1. Review


Members: - 300,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢60%
Average age of the participant: - from 20 to 35 years old

2. Review


Members: - 630,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢42%
Average age of the participant: - from 23 to 34 years old

FlirtyMature Review


Members: - 1 500,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢40%
Average age of the participant: - from 19 to 39 years old

4. Review


Members: - 400,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢47%
Average age of the participant: - from 25 to 50 years old

5. Review


Members: - 550,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢48%
Average age of the participant: - from 25 to 34 years old

6. Review


Members: - 500,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢65%
Average age of the participant: - from 20 to 40 years old

7. Review


Members: - 600,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢45%
Average age of the participant: - from 25 to 40 years old

8. Review


Members: - 300,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢46%
Average age of the participant: - from 23 to 38 years old

9. Review


Members: - 490,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢41%
Average age of the participant: - from 22 to 55 years old

10. Review


Members: - 120,000 from USA
Percentage of female profiles: - ⚢80%
Average age of the participant: - from 25 to 60 years old


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Here, on Datingtipsarticles, we have collected the most detailed and honest reviews of the top dating sites, as well as those newly created. Our team of experts works tirelessly to help confused single people find the best dating sites based on their needs and preferences. We compile expert reviews ranking the best free online dating sites, pros and cons, the features, functions, and much more.

If you’re seeking all of the relevant information about online dating platforms available on the Web, we’ve got you covered, day or night, 365!

How Can We Help?

Instead of spending your days and nights signing up to new online dating sites hoping to find one that suits you and actually puts you in a great position to discover new connections, we have done all the hard work already.
Browse our expert reviews of the most known dating sites, and decide on the best service without needing to lift a finger!

What Are Online Dating Sites?

Online dating sites are websites designed to pair men and women with potential partners living in their local area or further afield, based on their romantic and sexual interests.

Once signed up, each user is assigned a profile that can be filled with relevant information about them, along with user photos. By the way, your looks here are usually the main attraction, especially on casual dating sites. Some top dating sites offer chat rooms where users can chat about popular topics, and all platforms provide private messaging facilities for their members.

Different online dating sites, for example sofiadate, offer a wide range of features designed to improve the overall dating experience of their users. Some are free, and some come at a cost. So, it’s best to join a site with great free services and a low-cost membership.

How Do Dating Sites Work?

Online dating sites work by matching men and women with desirable partners online, based on what each user is looking for at the time, be that romantic evenings out in the city, passionate sex encounters, or extra companionship. Regardless of the type of experience you want, online dating sites hold the keys that you crave loveforheart.

How to Choose the Best Dating Site?

What you’re looking to find with somebody new will influence the online dating site you choose to sign-up for. When deciding, it is important to check for the following:

  • Available Basic/Special Features
  • Fair Membership Costs
  • Profile Quality of Members
  • Mobile App/Mobile Site
  • Safety and Security
  • Fake Prevention and Verification
  • Customer Support Facilities

All the best online dating sites implement the above features to improve the service they offer. We find it best to avoid sites and apps that don’t meet these expectations.

How Did We Rate US Dating Sites?

Here on, our experts work around the clock to deliver accurate and up-to-date dating reviews on the best sites in the US and worldwide. We tried our best so that you can enjoy:

1. Categories

Each online dating site falls into different categories and can be used to alter the types of partners or experiences a user can enjoy.

  • Matchmaker – Find your most compatible partners online, usually for long-term dating.
  • Senior – Meet older partners within a certain age range, over 50’s, for example.
  • Casual – Find like-minded singles for quick casual encounters, no strings.
  • Niche – Meet partners for a certain type of dating, e.g. sugar dating, etc.
  • Ethnic (International) – Dating sites for those interested in singles from other races.
  • Adult – Websites where pleasure and romance can be found, without a relationship or connection.

2. The Best Reviews

We always strive to make the best reviews of all dating services available, good and bad, so that people know exactly where to go and where to avoid searching online for new dating opportunities. We have countless dedicated reviews already published on, which can be viewed for free now!

After reading an expert review for a service that stands out to you, sign up easily using the links already attached.

We love to make your dating life simple and safe!

The Benefits of Online Dating

1. No awkwardness There’s nothing worse than being lost for words when starting a conversation, or even worse, muddling your sentence and sounding silly. With online dating, those problems turn to pixie dust and float away!
2. Singles Window Shopping Browse endless profiles of available singles until you find someone who’s right for you. There’s no need to waste time chatting to someone random in bars only to find out how different you are.
3. Rewarding Experiences Await Sign up to an online dating site and pick up your chat from anywhere, at any time, using your computer or smartphone. No longer do you have to meet singles during opening hours!
4. Certain to Meet Like-Minded Partners With so many different platforms available, you can choose the best service for you, depending on what you’re looking for at any given moment, full of like-minded people seeking the same.

Our Advice for Safe and Successful Online Dating

Be Natural, Stay Yourself

In this new world of online dating, you’re able to flirt with multiple singles simultaneously from the comfort of your own home, affording you hundreds of opportunities to get it right! Better still, there’s no need to feel pressured, as all your chats are in one place, be it a laptop or a smartphone, giving you more time to construct flirty messages without being put on the spot.

Create an Attractive Profile

Include all relevant information in your dating profile that singles can use to decide how compatible they are with you and your intentions before sending a message. By adding less basic information, you’re far more likely to receive messages than with an empty profile. People love to know what they’re in for!

Stay Safe While Dating Online

Although it may seem tempting to get out and meet the first partner you’ve hit it off with, your safety mustn’t be jeopardized:

  • Always give a trusted companion access to your location.
  • Always meet new people in public places, with lots of attention on you if things go wrong.
  • Check out your date before meeting offline. Searching for their social media profiles often provides great insight into who they are.

Find New Matches as Soon as Today!

Different online dating sites offer matching services where singles can find connections quickly themselves. Most long-term dating services implement behind the scenes matching algorithms. At the same time, casual sites usually allow members to find their own matches based on attraction and their understanding of compatibility, having seen other users’ dating profiles.

It only takes a couple of minutes to find a large range of compatible singles up to different types of activities.

While you’re currently full of tips, why not choose some of the best free dating sites’ reviews and check them out now?


Why do single girls choose dating sites?

Although there are hundreds of reasons, single girls primarily choose online dating sites as they love how easily they can meet like-minded men without needing to step foot out of the house! It’s safe and straightforward, so why not?

Why is it better to use a paid subscription on dating sites?

Paid subscriptions always offer premium features that are unavailable to basic users. A better experience is received with access to more features, usually leading to more romance and sexual adventures.

Is it true that you need a Facebook account to join a Dating Website?

No. Users can join top dating sites regardless of whether they’re on Facebook or not.