Best Black Dating Sites for Over 50

There are a million reasons why black dating apps may change the lives of men of African descent. Free black dating sites over 50 are not easy to come by, but there are excellent results when they do. Finding love at an older age doesn’t have to be scary. Black gay men over 50 can find their true love and live happily, too. If you’re such a man, then a good review on over 50 black dating sites would do right by you. The online black dating sites for over 50 designs help mature black men express themselves and enjoy true love.

What Is Senior Black Dating?

Senior black dating is an exclusive connection among older black men and women who are looking for partners. The focus is on people of African descent who are 50+ years. It is one of the best ways to find mature singles, both gays and straight, aged above 50 years. In most cases, black dating happens when one or both of the partners are African. However, if only one is black, then it may also be known as interracial. So, in a nutshell, senior black dating is the courting of people of African descent who are 50 years or above.

Rating of Top Black Dating Sites for Over 50

Short Overview

Whether you’re looking for straight or gay black dating sites, this one should top your list. The platform helps in connecting gorgeous ebony seeking compatible matches. Again, the site has experience of over five years, and its services cover the whole world. The website has several standard features, including:

  • Notifications to winks and likes
  • Chat rooms
  • Advanced search
  • Filter tools
  • Messaging

Main Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • It takes a short time to create an account.
  • Navigating on the site is easy.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Enormous ebony membership of people seeking romantic dates.
  • Most of the basic features are accessible for free.
  • It has no smartphone app.
  • Advanced features come with an upgraded membership.

Costs and Prices

Duration Monthly Cost Total
1 Month $28.80 $28.80
3 Months $16.20 $48.60
6 Months $13.20 $79.20

Short Overview

BeNaughty is a top hookup website for both couples and singles. The platform comes with unique features ranging from flirts, video chats, winks, chat rooms, messaging, and matchmaking. Again, BeNaughty is one of the safest websites for all people, regardless of color or sexual orientation. It also guarantees users safety and confidentiality.

Main Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • It offers a friendly trial period deal.
  • It encourages interracial and racial-based dating.
  • It provides many options for users to log into individually and as a couple.
  • The platform has superb communication, filtering, and interaction tools.
  • It has spontaneous renewals to premium payments.
  • Chatting on the site is only for a paid membership.
  • There are too many SMS and emails sent.

Costs and Prices

Duration Total Cost Monthly Cost
1 Month USD 27.01 USD 27.01
3 Months USD 45.45 USD 15.15
6 Months USD 73.44 USD 12.24


Short Overview

Are you an educated professional but still struggling in your dating life or want more of it? EliteSingles is a reliable choice for you. The platform has 90% of its members aged 30+ years, and 82% have a university education. It offers excellent customer care, matchmaking, communication, and interaction services.

Main Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • It has a vast and growing dating pool.
  • It has mobile apps that have proved helpful to LGBTQ people, especially black men.
  • Members on the platform are romantic and interactive.
  • Hundreds of thousands of new users register every month.
  • Several users may be holders of fake accounts.
  • There are limited free trial services.

Costs and Prices

Duration Cost Per Month Total
3 Months $34.95 $104.85
6 Months $19.95 $119.70
12 Months $17.95 $215.40

Short Overview

For singles looking for serious relationships, here is a top choice. EHarmony has claimed millions of users globally since its launch in 2000. It has both free and paid-for accounts with different features for each. Top features include sending flirts, messages, smiles, winks, questions, add favorites, and video dates.

Main Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Its registration process is detailed, thus enhancing matchmaking.
  • It encourages long-term relationships.
  • It’s fun to explore and fill out profiles.
  • It suggests compatible matches daily.
  • It has efficient interactions and communication tools.
  • The registration process is lengthy.
  • Searching and reviewing other users is limited.
  • It is not too friendly to LGBTQ+ dating.
  • The premium profile is expensive.

Costs and Prices

Duration Cost Per Month Total
6 Months $65.90 $395.40
12 Months $45.90 $550.80
24 Months $35.90 $861.60


Short Overview

Here is the home of value for most online dating black singles. However, despite the names, the platform is welcoming to all races. The website has numerous features to help keep users entertained. These have included ProfilePro, Virtual Gifts, ConnectMe, MatchMe, PromoteMe, and video chats.

Main Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • It has result-oriented search filters.
  • It has a vast user-base of active members.
  • It has superb features such as notifications, messages, chats, flirts, and winks.
  • It offers dating advice to its users.
  • It allows members to post real-life testimonials.
  • Most features are matching, thus confusing.
  • It has limited communication.
  • Monthly subscriptions auto-renew.

Costs and Prices

Duration Total Cost Monthly Cost
1 Month $16.75 $16.75
3 Months $12.99 $38.97
6 Months $10.99 $65.94

How to Successfully Select a Dating Site for Blacks Over 50

Are you over 50 and want to be in the game, or you’re still at it. Several clever approaches would make your experience dating like you were in your youthful years. With age comes good judgment and experience. That coupled with a good site makes you a winner.

  • Know your goals and align them to the features of each website.
  • Start by seeking the advice of people already on black dating sites.
  • Look for online reviews and user testimonials on different platforms.
  • Consider the confidentiality and security protocols of the available websites.
  • Use search engines to get potential black courting sites.

How to Tell a Safe Online Black Dating Site

Knowing that you’re on the right ebony dating site for older people isn’t any hard. Several simple tips can help you find out a harmless online platform for people in this category. Considering each of these tips will be effective and efficient for a dating black person. Here is what to seek:

  • The maturity of users. It’s an adult site. So please don’t allow mediocrity to lower your standards.
  • Check on the charms, respect, and friendliness of users. Remember you’re dealing with adults who will appreciate a show of respect.
  • The verification process is in-depth. If it doesn’t fortify the signup process, it means there could be fake accounts, and people could unfairly access your personal information.
  • The support team is easily reachable. You don’t have time to search for a feature or service when help is a button away as an older person.
  • It doesn’t condone discrimination.

Real Customer Experience reviews completely changed my view of top dating accounts for black people dating. The detailed analysis of various platforms is significantly helpful.

Malcolm, 27

How to Find and Meet Matches Now

Why should others succeed in finding the right partner online while you are struggling? Wise people have clever ideas on how to find a match, and so should you! Getting the most compatible partner comes easy for people online if they are to follow these easy tips. Please make sure you miss none of it!

  • Create captivating profiles.
  • Provide complete personal information on your account.
  • Add a profile picture showing your face and your interests.
  • Be friendly, personable, and respectful.
  • Reach out to other people by checking their profiles and responding to their messages and posts.


How well do black dating sites work?

The dating platforms have led to approximately 30% of ebony marriages in the world currently.

Do any ebony dating sites have free services?

No. There is always a small price to pay for unique services.

Which site is the safest to date blacks over 50?

Try eHarmony.