Sex 05-04-2021

How Chinese Women Are Having Sex with Their Boyfriends: Top Tips for the Bedroom

With Chinese dating being so starkly different from dating in the western world, many people may struggle to come to terms with “waiting until marriage for sex,” well, those of you who don’t conform to religion at least. In China, a major importance is placed on all Chinese women to wait until getting married before […]

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sex at home
Sex 18-03-2021

How Chinese Women Have Sex With Their Boyfriends – Top Tips For A Bedroom

How To Enjoy Having Sex At Home Again Think about the beginning of your relationship. Chances are, you had sex wherever you could – in the car, in the woods, or even at your parents’ house! Now your relationship has matured a bit, you probably only have sex at home with your partner. Sometimes this […]

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satisfy your black goddess sexually
Sex 02-03-2021

Satisfy Your Black Goddess Sexually: Top Things to Try

No matter how sexy you are, it’s easy for your love-life to get a little stale if you’ve been with the same person for a while. If you want to keep your black woman satisfied, having a few new tricks to try could really raise the temperature between the sheets. Whether you’re in a relationship […]

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bbw model
Sex 16-01-2021

Plus Size Cowgirl – How Does it Feel?

The Cowgirl Sex Position The cowgirl position is a sex position that’s suitable for everyone, including BBW. It’s a great position for deep penetration and pleasure, but it requires finesse to perfect it, especially for the big gals. What makes this intriguing for couples is controlling the depth and dominating, making it hugely popular with […]

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plus size model
Sex 08-01-2021

What is the Difference Between a Blowjob From a BBW When Compared to Other Women

Can a Blowjob Differ Between Large Women and Other Women? Oral sex plays a significant role in the sexual experience for men and women. Forming part of foreplay or sexual satisfaction, it’s an act that is both pleasing for both males and females. Of course, some women are more experienced in giving blowjobs. In contrast, […]

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black relationship with no sex
Sex 05-01-2021

Is it Real to Have a Black Relationship with No Sex?

When does a friendship cross the line and become a relationship? Isn’t sex the only thing that defines a black relationship, rather than just being best buddies? The truth is not as clear cut as you might think. For some, sex is an absolutely integral part of a relationship, while others are either ambiguous on […]

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Sex 04-01-2021

How to Be a Good Lover When You Have a Small Penis?

We all like to look our best when trying to attract a lover, and there are lots of things you can do to appear appealing, such as wearing nice clothes and a sexy cologne or perfume. However, if you’re successful in moving things to the bedroom, there’s not much you can do to hide the […]

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Sex 03-01-2021

What is a Blow Job for Black Guys? Basics

As our old friend, Mr. Darwin, said, a woman holding anything penis-like, for example, a microphone, a banana, or cucumber, is associated with playing the pink oboe by men. In two words, men find it extremely erotic. So is the act of putting a big black cock into the mouth itself. Considering yourself as a […]

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sex games to try in couple
Sex 02-01-2021

Hot Sex Games You Can Play in a Couple With BBW

The Best Sex Games You Have to Try! Variety is the spice of life, and that’s true when it comes to having sex, even if you are in a BBW relationship. Exciting games can transform experiences and enhance the excitement for all. Simple or extremely naughty, they take many forms but allow everyone to explore […]

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tips to have great sex in cars
Sex 02-01-2021

5 Effective Tips to Have Great Sex in Cars

Do you remember your teen years and the desperate yearning to find some place to have sex without your parents finding out? For many, a car was the perfect solution, offering a degree of privacy and the opportunity to get your rocks off. Fast-forward to the modern-day, and you may still experience a thrill when […]

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