Plus Size Cowgirl – How Does it Feel?

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The Cowgirl Sex Position

The cowgirl position is a sex position that’s suitable for everyone, including BBW. It’s a great position for deep penetration and pleasure, but it requires finesse to perfect it, especially for the big gals. What makes this intriguing for couples is controlling the depth and dominating, making it hugely popular with girls but almost every man.

Despite this, many larger girls haven’t experienced this sexual position in bed, and so they might need some help with a tutorial. However, getting it right and understanding the cowgirl or cowboy position as it is known will enhance the sexual experience for every person.

It’s common for women to find this position intimidating because it leaves them feeling exposed, even with a loving partner. Despite this, the guy loves it and some consider it the best, which is encouragement for any woman who wants to ride his dick.

So, if you’re looking to get hot in the bedroom with new ideas, then it’s time to play around with new sexual tricks, including the cow girl position. You’re not going to understand how to ride his penis, to begin with, but we’re here to help you through the process and enjoy the experience from start to finish.

How to Get Cowgirl Style Right

bbw with pink backgroundThe position is completely unique because it’s possible to get a rhythm, thrust up and down, or grind on the guy to get clitoral stimulation.

Even fat girls can enjoy this position because it can help them to sit on top and reach a climax in most cases. So, whether you want to spread your legs and move your hips around or spend your time grinding, it’s in your control.

With a number of tips available for all people, you’ll get extra help with this position, ensuring you get the style right and enjoy the entire experience.

Larger women might require a lift as the it might feel hard to hold. Introduce support with a pillow underneath the hips of your partner. This will allow him to thrust and push deeper. The external clitoris comes into play with this style.

It’s possible to grind it on his pubic bone or stimulate it yourself, giving you options that enhance excitement! Of course, introducing toys for the man and woman can help. A vibrator for her and a cock ring for him can work wonders.

As the woman is completely exposed, it’s possible to bring her breasts and nipples into the position. Leaning forward allows your partner to fondle your nipples and breasts. What’s more, women can also use their own hands to play with their own breasts as the man explains his needs and desires.

Occasionally, larger girls can find the position uncomfortable, but by changing the pose, it’s possible to alter the depth, the angle, and the speed. Just lowering the chest can have a significant impact on the experience.

Try Something Different Instead of the Cowboy Pose

beauty bbw modelThe cowboy pose can seem daunting for some women. Whether it’s insecurity or something else, it’s a position that is completely unique.

Unlike many other positions, greater control is possible, allowing both man and woman to explore new angles while introducing toys and support.

It’s superb for controlling speed and movement and can leave women feeling powerful and dominant, but for many, it just doesn’t work.

If this is the case, then the reverse cowgirl is a possibility. Much like the cowgirl position, it’s in reverse, which leaves the woman facing backwards. Consider it much like the doggy style but in an upright position.

Females will benefit from a deeper penetration and a new angle, which is stimulating and exciting. The female will need to spread her legs and allow the man to penetrate her while sitting on his penis. This provides control as the guy allows the lady to control the pace, speed, and positioning.

In reality, sex for larger women can follow the same rules as sex for any other people. Whatever their level of competency and experience, they can embrace new ways of pleasuring each other and heighten the man and woman’s emotions from sex.

All it takes is the right position, and intimacy will become enjoyable, pleasurable, and mutually benefitial in ways you’ve never seen before.

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