Best Adult Dating Sites

Adult dating sites are among the most popular dating niches because people join them for the same reason.

Nobody wants to start a serious relationship there or get married. Users there want to have fun. Use that to your advantage, create some naughty memories, and brag to your friends about your success. Your chances to get laid easily are the best on the sites we’ll mention below.

What is Adult Dating?

Adult dating is when two singles meet only to have sex. No relationships, no hand-holding, just passionate, naughty sex. Everybody loves sex, and that’s why online services are so popular.

Rating of best adult dating sites:

If you spray and pray on regular sites, you’ll get laid once a year. But if you register to one of the sites we’ll review now, you may get a hookup as soon as tonight.

Hookupsfinder has more than 1,200,000 users in the USA alone. That’s important because you can’t have fun with somebody who lives far away from you. Yes, you can have video chats online and have virtual sex, but nothing beats a real hookup. does exactly what its name says it does. That’s one of the sites where finding a hookup is easier than registering. And keep in mind that registration is very simple.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • naughty community
  • hookups are the goal
  • 50-50 male/female ratio
  • a lot of competition
  • lack of free features
  • no details on profiles

Costs and Prices

Time Cost $
3 Day $2.10
1 Month $16.97
3 Months $29.39
6 Months $42.73

Talking about adult dating without mentioning black men and women would be a great sin. Hookups with black people are unforgettable, and that’s why grows so fast. has a little over 630,000 single users in the USA. They live all around the country, so getting laid shouldn’t be a problem on this site.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • extra safe mode
  • popular in the USA
  • some members want serious relationships
  • free membership is good, but not great
  • only credit card payment

Costs and Prices

Time Cost $
3 Days $3.15
1 Week $28.80
1 Month $48.60
3 Months $79.20

If you aren’t naughty, there is no point in joining You’d be eaten alive by singles who’ll slide in your private messages looking for chatting and hookups. is popular among singles between 21 and 34 years of age. The majority of users are in the USA, which raises your chances to have real sex.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • active community
  • users want sex
  • only adults can join
  • basic special features
  • paid members can see full photos
  • some don’t want hookups IRL

Costs and Prices

Time Cost $
3 Days $2.97
1 Month $39.00
3 Months $67.50
6 Months $106.20

When 2,350,000 people use an adult dating site, you can be sure it works. And it’s not like users are inactive; somebody is always online seeking a hookup or sex texting. is one of the best sites when it comes to hookups in the USA. The kinky community is still growing, and every user joins with only 1 goal – sex.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • a lot of young singles
  • easy to register
  • sexting is common
  • available in 3 countries
  • limited free features
  • some users are over 50

Costs and Prices

Time Cost $
3 Days $2.97
1 Month $25.00
3 Months $72.00
6 Months $120.00 is tiny compared to some other hookup sites on this list, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s very easy to find a hookup there because there is less competition than on some huge online dating sites.

This relatively small and unknown site is growing thanks to great special features and affordable prices rapidly.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • fast registration
  • everybody wants sex
  • cheap membership
  • sometimes there aren’t a lot of people online
  • the community could be bigger
  • free messages are limited

Costs and Prices

Time Cost $
3 Day $2.97
1 Month $27.30
3 Months $45.90
6 Months $73.80

How to Choose the Best Adult Dating Sites?

When choosing an adult dating site, you should look at a couple of factors. Your location might be the most important. If you join a site with just a few members in your area, you won’t be able to get a real hookup. But you’ll be able to have fun online.

Other than the location, you should think about:

  • age of your perfect matches
  • safety of the site
  • membership price
  • special features

Our Advice for Safe and Successful Online Adult Dating

Adult dating is not a joke, and you can get in real trouble if you share your info with the wrong people. The easiest way to avoid any problems is to choose a trustworthy dating site.

If you chose any of the 5 sites mentioned in this review, you could be sure your data or private photos won’t leak anywhere. Because of that you can relax and show how naughty you are.

Real Customer Experience

Getting laid was very difficult for me before I started adult online dating. Thanks to hookup sites I got a lot of sex, and my self-esteem skyrocketed. – Samuel, 23

Find Your matches Now!

The next chapter of your life starts now if you decide to join one of the best adult dating sites. That will be a chapter full of sex, full of casual hookups, full of naughty adult fun.


Before you join adult dating, read these FAQs.

Adult Dating Sites: Do they work?

Yes, there are a lot of sites where you can meet singles and hookup with them. We recommend you to join only the best adult sites we listed above.

Are There 100% Free Adult Dating Sites?

Every adult dating site has a free membership, but there is no 100% free dating site. You’ll have to spend a couple of dollars if you want to create some naughty memories.

How to Find the Safest Adult Dating Site?

Read other people’s experiences and read expert reviews like this one.

Every aspect of your life will change after joining adult sex dating sites. You’ll become more confident, you’ll look better, and you’ll have tons of sex.

Completely free adult dating sites don’t exist, but the sites we listed in this review offer extremely affordable trials. A couple of dollars won’t make a difference in your bank account, but it could make a huge impact on your life.

Read this list of the 5 best adult dating sites, and soon you’ll be tired of all the sex you’ll be having.

Improve your life now on adult sites