How Chinese Women Are Having Sex with Their Boyfriends: Top Tips for the Bedroom

With Chinese dating being so starkly different from dating in the western world, many people may struggle to come to terms with “waiting until marriage for sex,” well, those of you who don’t conform to religion at least.

In China, a major importance is placed on all Chinese women to wait until getting married before they first have sex; this has led to Chinese women marrying younger.

This is shown in the legalities of Chinese life, with Chinese men restricted from marrying until they are at least 22 years old, but women in China can enter into marriage at only 20 years old.

In Shanghai, sex before marriage is much more common, with youngsters over the legal age often participating in such actions, making Shanghai the only place in China where casual sex occurs much more frequently, as such women in these locations engage in different sexual activities.

Sex at Home

chinese girl in bed

Successful sex at home for Chinese women with their boyfriends isn’t much different from how people worldwide have sex. After all, how many ways can a penis be inserted into the vagina to define intercourse?

But, with Chinese women only likely to have sex with one sexual partner in their lifetimes (disregarding divorces outside of Shanghai), the action in the bedroom is surprisingly starkly similar to how the rest of the world gets down to business.

As women having successful sexual relations around the world share so many common features with Chinese women having sex, we will cover them together below. Women universally thrive from the same behaviors, actions, and methods to encourage them to have sex more.


We all know how important positive communication is to our daily lives, but most people overlook the importance of viable communication in the bedroom and when discussing what will work and what won’t.

By chatting to your partner, you can quickly begin to work out the sexual things they like to engage in and those they’d prefer to dismiss in the future.

Too many times, people are silent regarding these key pieces of sexual information and simply engage in activities to please someone else, but by speaking about what you do and don’t like, you can ensure that the entirety of your sex session is comprehensively enjoyable.

Look for What Your Partner Enjoys

Like what we have previously discussed, observing what your partner does enjoy and doesn’t will lead to more sexual gratification.

What can be better than you both getting off while allowing to look caring, scoring some valuable brownie points too at the same time!

We find it best to chat about what your partner enjoys while getting down to action, but really it is a matter of personal preference for you and that special someone.

Chatting about what she wants to do is a fantastic way to get women to have sex more often. If it feels fresh and fun to her, she’s far more inclined to lead the way to the bedroom.

Incorporate the Use of Sex Toys

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Adding sex toys to your arsenal of activities between the sheets is one of the top tips we could give you!

For all of you who are already using sex toys, great, you know exactly what the rewards are!

For those of you who are treading in unfamiliar territory, there’s a wealth of different toys to try and test to see what works for you!

We recommend an after-hours Google search on the highest rated sex toys if you’re looking to take your sexual life to the next level. With so many different types to browse and try, it’s all about trial and error to find what is best!

Don’t Criticize

Remaining free from criticism towards your partner is a sure-fire way to have more enjoyable sexual experiences more often, leading to a much stronger connection overall.

If your partner does something you don’t particularly like in the bedroom, maybe it doesn’t turn you on as you’d want, or maybe you’re simply not interested, you mustn’t criticize, instead suggest alternative things that they can do to achieve the same effect that fit more with what you personally like.

Remember, communication is once again key to a healthy sexual relationship. If you found our expert sexual advice helpful, find more great content now on!

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