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Sex 02-01-2021

Doggystyle with Big Women – Sex Tips to Help You Out

Have Better Doggy Style Sex Discovering enjoyable sex requires a promiscuous approach, yet one that’s adventurous. Whether you’re making love or having casual sex, the position you choose is hugely important. With a myriad of positions to explore, you could opt to try them out but opting for the doggy position can be an exciting […]

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Sex 01-01-2021

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like for Women? Secrets for Successful Relationships

While sex as a topic is taboo in some cultures, others tend to explore as many pleasure sources as possible; it is rarely spoken about, even among friends. Still, today we are going to share some advice on how to enjoy yourself and your body to the fullest. Do any women like anal sex? Both […]

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Sex 16-12-2020

What Emotions Can You Expect When Having Sex with Fat Women

Having sex with a larger woman, in reality, is no different from having sex with any other woman. However, there are subtle differences, and those are usually the catch! It’s important to understand what has changed. What Do Fat Women Get from Sex? Larger women have had to deal with their image for some time. […]

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roommate sex
Sex 28-09-2020

Why having sex with your roommate is not a good idea?

A straight guy living with a hot female might imagine sex with her. If she’s prancing around in skimpy clothing, you get temptations. It takes self-control not to stare, flirt, or touch her. Can’t she put clothes on? Can’t she hide her cleavage? She’s torturing you, and you want to explode! Access does not equal […]

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