What Does Anal Sex Feel Like for Women? Secrets for Successful Relationships

While sex as a topic is taboo in some cultures, others tend to explore as many pleasure sources as possible; it is rarely spoken about, even among friends. Still, today we are going to share some advice on how to enjoy yourself and your body to the fullest.

Do any women like anal sex? Both ladies and gentlemen, sit back, relax, and let’s find it out!

All Girls Like Anal, Even You!

sweet coupleFirst things first: who said it is okay to have a vaginal penetration but not anal? Digging deeper, society has formed a misconception that women do not enjoy anal stimulation, that it is for “bad girls,” that it is not religious, or that it is an insult for a woman.

Some of these stigmas were formed because of the incorrect ways of doing it, as it can be painful when it’s not lubed and treated properly and gently. But it seems that the views are changing!

Research carried out on anal sex uptake indicates a rise, with PornHub reporting that searches for anal-focused content rose 120% between 2009 to 2015.

It’s not that hard to find a girl enjoying anal sex. As a matter of fact, all females love a dick moving up and down their anus. The thing is, a partner should be really gentle and aware of upcoming complications.

It is just in human nature to like orgasms, specifically the mindblowing ones.

Some may have a traumatic experience concerning anal sex because if the spot is not properly lubricated, you will feel severe pain that will haunt you for a couple of days. Sexual education and awareness are what make the relationship safe and enjoyable.

Enjoy Your Anal, Treat Yourself First

If you are scared, or you are feeling discomfited about trying it out with a partner, first and foremost, get comfortable yourself. Take your dildo or simply use your fingers, follow your desires, and start playing with yourself.

Start by discovering the sensual parts of yourself you did not know existed. Then slowly adjust the right motion and speed while penetrating the hole in your ass.

Watching some porn may come in handy to set you on an accurate mindset. Along with that, you can turn on the music you like having sex to, lit up the candles, or do whatever takes your tension away. By the way, some champagne or wine drinking would help you create the climate for experimenting with yourself.

Some Useful Tips: How To’s

Use the body holes wisely! It is not just about the roughness and intensity when it comes to penetration, but the places you put it inside. It is proven that even in a vaginal area, women tend to feel different kinds of orgasms like G-spot, vaginal, and clitoral orgasms, while anal orgasm is all about the A-spot that is indirectly stimulated in the vagina by anal penetration. It makes a woman soak wet in the nick of time!

If you are new to this, you should follow some tips, too. First of all, under no circumstances, for anal sex safety sake, should you forget the lube as it does not self-lubricate. The first time may be awkward for your butt hole, but it is natural.

You can use your hands, mouth, and toys, which means fingering, touching, licking, eating, penetrating, or anything you please. The most important thing is being aroused and sedated at the same time.

As always, talking is the key to a successful sexual relationship, but also, before a dick sliding into your warm, horny butt, keep in mind using sex toys like a butt plug. Your butthole loves teasing, so do not underestimate the power of playfulness. Trust us – you’ll end up loving it.

women feelingsA Note for Men:

As a partner who is providing the pleasure, you have to trim and file your nails while working with your fingers; make sure your hands are clean. The condom can be used on your fingers, sex toy, or penis.

Do Women Really Like Anal Sex?

The answer is often yes, but only if performed in a proper way. It is widely considered that men get more pleasure from anal coition than women.

This statement is not completely incorrect, but females do not just go along with their boyfriend’s wishes; they usually take advantage of the situation.

The issue is that it is rarely talked about as if there is something to be ashamed of. Never in a million years let anyone dictate your sexual desires. Feel like doing something? Go for it!

Wow, that was hot, isn’t it? If so, feel free to share the article on your social media and tell us about your first time having anal sex – do you have any tips of your own?

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