Can it become your chosen dating website out of the thousands of websites currently available? We’ll be discovering its features and what it offers, ensuring you can keep your options open and decide whether it’s the service for you.

The Only BBWadmire Review You Can Rely on

We live in a more accepting world than ever before, and everyone has the right to discover love. With a whole load of dating platforms out there, finding big and beautiful love is easier than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to fulfill a fantasy or seeking romance, provides you with an array of options and possibilities.

Overview – A First Look

The site does have history, starting life back in 2011, which makes it established and trustworthy. We noticed the design as it’s clean and slick, which is no bad thing. However, it does lack that quality and finesse of other services out there.

Aimed at plus sized singles, it promises to keep dating simple for all users that frequent the service. One of the more prominent features is the site promoting itself as completely free – this, as usual, comes with many setbacks: ads, fakes and spam among them.

The layout is clear, the colors are easy-on-the-eye, and navigation is simple; at first glance, things seem fairly standard. We considered every element of the service, including messaging and how active members are. It’s a site that promises a lot, which means that it has a lot to live up to.


As expected, the registration process is quick and takes around two minutes. Something we expected from a site that claims to be free. Users are required to provide basic information, including a username, gender, sexual preference, and their location, as well as a short description and what they’re looking for.

Once complete, BBW’s and their admirers are required to verify their account, which boosts security. One thing to consider is that this service is only suitable for those who are 18+.

Once registration is complete, members have access to their profile, enabling them to enhance their membership with further details. As a shorter description is taken at sign-up, users can leave their profile untouched if they wish.

Members & Profiles

This dating website is specifically designed for larger members. Despite this, the member base is evenly balanced, with larger women seeking men and men seeking larger women. However, when compared to popular dating services, BBWadmire is relatively small. So, don’t expect thousands of members are looking for love. Lower your expectations, and you’ll get on with this service.

Members are aged 25 and over, while older members frequent the site, with most visitors coming from the USA. However, members come from other countries, including the UK, Canada, and Australia (as the most prominent ones). It’s a service that’s open to all ethnicities while it’s also available for the LGBTQ+ community, so choose your member segment and get dating!

Profiles are about as detailed as expected with a free dating website. The majority of information is created during sign up. This means that many members fail to update the information on their profile.

So, although information is basic, you can determine who they are and what they’re looking for. Despite this, we felt that content was lacking, although adding photos is possible, which is something we consider especially important. Safety

Overall, it feels relatively safe, and the service promises to keep members safe too. There are detailed terms and conditions that inform members of what is expected of them.

All contact details are kept private and safe, enabling members to chat and explore messaging with freedom. The service also claims to never ask for payment details, which is good to know, making it possible for users to spot fraudulent activity.

Sure, there is a FAQ section, but it is severely lacking when compared to other sites. There are three questions, which probably means that members are going to need to contact support via the contact form. While secure, the service feels fairly faceless when it comes to getting assistance.

Is legit?

Yes, with almost ten years in the dating industry, the service is legitimate. It’s small, so users should beware of scam accounts, but it’s a site that we believe is legitimate. It’s got a solid feel and following to it, and it does have support and terms and conditions while ensuring members are clear that they’ll never be asked for payment details.

Costs and Prices

The service promises to deliver dating that’s 100% free. Users can join for free and access all of the features. This includes sending messages, winks, and using the “most loved” feature. It offers no premium account upgrade or offers to enhance the experience. Users have the ability to search freely and explore every element of the service without the need to spend a penny.

Pros / Cons
  • Completely free
  • Users can access all features
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • No upgrade available, so ads everywhere
  • Fairly basic
  • Lacking members


It’s refreshing to come across a completely free dating service, but we had reservations about this. Nothing is ever totally free, and users might have to forfeit features and possibly security when joining the service. It’s suitably designed and possibly a good choice for new singles.

Still, eventually, the service lacks inspiration and options, which is a negative. Essentially, we believe that there are other sites out there that offer more. However, it’s a BBW dating site, and it does place a focus on that, so we have to credit it for that at least.