IWantAsian.com Review

IWantAsian.com Review

IWantAsian has a diverse membership of Asian as well as non-Asian singles from various ends of the sexual and romantic spectrum trying to find someone special in a nearby location.

You can find a lot of positive feedback about this platform on the Internet, but we decided to check it once more to make sure it is worth your attention. Here, in this IWantAsian review, you will find a detailed view of the sign-up process, membership base, profiles, and safety of the platform itself, all in one place. So keep scrolling!


Given the brand’s extensive features specialized in making one-of-a-kind membership, it is one of the most promising and reliable dating sites out there. It offers a unique experience of meeting up with similar people for both casual or serious dating.

The website is known to offer everything regarding online dating on a silver platter to its customers. However, the cherry on the cake comes from the fact that it gains its special status through its class features.

IWantAsian.com works on utilizing its algorithm to find you the best possible Asian match through your profile information. This profile can help you make your mark among your fellow users and grab the best of partners in your first attempt ever by highlighting your best attributes. This is a very significant feature responsible for making your account a safe haven for your potential romantic life.

Sign-Up Process

Sign up for IWantAsian is quite a straightforward and easy process. All you need to do is to give the procedure a quarter of an hour of your time, and you will be finished and ready for sending those messages before you know it.

In order to get started, the essential requirement is for you to visit the webpage designed especially for first-time users. The next thing will be to be as authentic as possible to the website’s algorithm for finding out your perfect match. The requirements might consist of some personal information, such as your gender, sexual and romantic preference, age, and location. Furthermore, the first-timers will be asked to give in a valid email address and password, which will lay the foundation of the future profile.

A username is a huge deal among the dating site members, and if you are just starting out, the expert’s tip is to keep it casual and yet expressive. A descriptive username can sure set the tone for your venture on the site and give potential matches an idea of what constitutes your essence as a person.

Members & Profiles

IWantAsian.com constitutes a wide range of Asian partners and members who vary enormously according to their preferences. These preferences mean things such as the duration of these relationships from a casual one to a long-term or marriage.

The members interested in trusting their love lives in the hands of IWantAsian are advised to give their time and energy to put up an authentic front to attract matches of the same kind. The site’s success rate depends on how invested a member is in the process. The process offers a beautiful scope of dating profiles that are as authentic as it can get.

IWantAsian.com Safety

As it turned out, IWantAsian.com is an entirely safe space with the best available safety features for a dating website. The members and profiles that are a part of the base are thoroughly checked and rechecked systematically to maintain the site’s integrity.

The chats with these profiles are protected through top encryptions not to let a hacker intercept your way. And apart from this, one of the site’s main features is that the site allows for a unique blocking feature for the users to become parts of the conversations they really want to be a part of.

Is IWantAsian.com Legit?

IWantAsian.com is a hundred percent legit for its base of thousands of genuine Asian profiles, which can be a potential match for you. The site has always been celebrated for the user-friendly approach that puts its members and their privacy first in any given online situation. Given the legitimacy of a particular website is still dependent on how reliable it is, given the support that this one has garnered, it is entirely legit.

Costs and Prices

The website prices are as follows:

  • a 3-day trial plan will cost you 1.30 USD per day;
  • a 1-month plan will cost 39.40 USD;
  • a 3-months plan will cost 33.40 USD per month;
  • and a 6-months plan – 27.00 USD per month.
Pros / Cons
  • Perfect for those seeking Asian connections for different kinds of relationships.
  • The website can be used for meetup, chat, and even more elaborate connections through its top-notch algorithm.
  • You can also have a unique feature allowing you the ability to block the members you don't want to be contacted from.
  • The registration process is straightforward, and if you are looking for something that can save you some time and still get you the best deal.
  • Prices are pretty low compared to other dedicated platforms, making this site even more affordable.
  • Not canceling before the end of this period will have the site automatically renew the plan for you through your payment option.
  • All the sites users can view all your pictures available on the website. There is no way to mask them.


IWantAsian.com is an extraordinary dating site meant for its users to utilize the best of its matchmaking algorithm. The site relies on suggesting possible matches through its abilities and the fact that these matches are real people looking for genuine partners. The probability of finding a perfect Asian match is directly proportional to the amount of effort you are willing to let the website take its course. The overall review through experts suggests that you should definitely let the website take its time and offer the best possible outcome for your virtual dating life.



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