Best Gay Pick-Up Lines

Are you surrounded by hot guys but never know what to do about it? What you need is some killer gay pick-up lines that you can deliver with confidence.

Chatting someone up isn’t always easy, as there’s a very thin line between appealing humor and cringey cheese. To save you agonizing about how to break the ice, we’ve put together some of the most successful gay pick-up lines around.

What Not to Use: the Worst Things to Say

gay pick up linesYou’ve probably been on the receiving end of some terrible chat-up lines in the past but did you ever stop to think about what they mean?

Everyone knows that certain phrases have an underlying motive, so here are a few of the most common gay pick up lines that should have any guy diving for cover.

Hi cutie/hey hottie:

Means = I want to bang you right now.

I’m bored:

Means = I’m horny.

Hey – where are you?:

Means = I want to work out if you’re close enough to meet for sex.


I’d love to get to know you. Do you have Insta?

Means = I need to see proper photos before I decide if you’re as hot as I think.

Are you interested in some discreet fun?

Means = I’m either in the closet or I’ve already got a boyfriend.

There’s nothing wrong with hooking up for sex but these chat-up lines are nothing short of lame. If a guy wants to get with you, he either needs to be direct or at least to make an effort to come up with a creative line!

Our Suggestions: How to Flirt Properly

Even the very best sexual pick up lines won’t work if you don’t deliver them with conviction. If you’re chatting up men online, it’s much easier as no-one can see a lack of confidence. Fake it until you make it is great advice for the gay dating scene, and that’s much easier to do in online chat rooms and dating sites.

In real life, it’s a little trickier, but you’ll just need to screw up your courage, plaster on a smile, and add a little swagger to your walk. No-one needs to know that you’re dying a little inside – and you might just be surprised at the results.

Before you hit on another man, take a moment to reflect on what works for you. What is it that makes you respond to a chat-up line? Obviously, you need to be attracted to the guy, but what is it that makes you look more closely if he’s not your usual type? Is it an irresistible aftershave or cologne? Maybe it’s nice clothes? By paying attention to every small detail, you’ll give your pick up lines the best possible chance of working.

When you’re sure that you’ve got everything else right and you’re ready to approach that sexy guy, try out one of these dirty pick up lines for guys:gay pick up in the park

  • Are you a butcher? Because I’d love to show you my meat.
  • I hope you’re not allergic to dairy because I’ve got some cream for you.
  • Are you tequila? Because I want to slam you all night long.
  • I’m an astronaut in my spare time, and I’d love to explore Uranus.
  • Does your house have a garden? I’d love to see your back door.
  • Are you a tree surgeon? I’ve got wood, and I need your chopper.
  • I’m feeling hungry – do you mind if I nibble your nuts?
  • Are you locked out? I’d be happy to smash your back doors in.
  • I heard you’re a footballer – can you show me your ball skills?
  • They call me Tornado – because I sure can blow.
  • I work with animals – and in my opinion, that ass needs handling.

Of course, lots of these chat-up lines are deliberately cheeky and flirty and aren’t intended to be taken too seriously. If you’re able to use them with a cute smile on your face, you’ll have broken the ice, and no guy will be able to resist getting to know you a little better.

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