healthy chinese relationship
Relationships&Meetings 06-04-2021

How to Have Healthy Relationships with Chinese Woman: Main Tips

When you’re trying to have a healthy, happy, and successful relationship, you need to be willing to put in a lot of effort. Fortunately, we’re going to help you with some shortcuts on your self-discovery journey, so you’re poised to get into a relationship with a Chinese woman. Following the tips that we provide here […]

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chinese girl in usa
Relationships&Meetings 06-04-2021

How to Date a Chinese Girl in the USA: The Most Popular Tips

Trying to meet and date a Chinese girl while you’re in the United States can be challenging. Not every person is close enough to a cultural center with Chinese people. Better yet, trying to date across borders is challenging in its own right. That being said, there are ways in which you can date people […]

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find chinese partner
Relationships&Meetings 05-04-2021

How to Find a Partner or What You Need to Do if You Fail to Find One?

We understand that a failure to find a sexual partner isn’t only frustrating, but it can be very lonely and disheartening too. That’s why we decided to create this go-to guide for singles looking to enjoy more action in the bedroom with like-minded people. If you’re struggling to find a new sexual partner, it doesn’t […]

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Sex 05-04-2021

How Chinese Women Are Having Sex with Their Boyfriends: Top Tips for the Bedroom

With Chinese dating being so starkly different from dating in the western world, many people may struggle to come to terms with “waiting until marriage for sex,” well, those of you who don’t conform to religion at least. In China, a major importance is placed on all Chinese women to wait until getting married before […]

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intimate questions to ask girlfriend
Relationships&Meetings 22-03-2021

Most important intimate questions to ask your partner?

Intimate questions don’t necessarily relate to action in the bedroom. They can relate to many things, including personal information but not necessarily sex. You might be keen to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend specific questions. However, how do you ask deep questions without probing too much? These intimate questions to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend […]

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best places for a date
Relationships&Meetings 20-03-2021

Best Places For A Date With Chinese Girlfriend

Choosing The Best Places For A Date Date night can definitely be a great time. You go out, do something you enjoy, flirt, & generally have a fun experience. We’ve put together this short list of romantic ideas and activities for inspiration. Keep these things in mind when planning a date. Choose something you’re confident […]

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failure to find a sexual partner
Relationships&Meetings 20-03-2021

How to Find A Partner Or Get Up From Failing to Do So

How To Deal With Failure To Find A Sexual Partner Men (& women) are always under constant societal pressure to find a sexual partner. Some people choose to only engage in sexual activity with their significant other. Other people opt to sleep around. Although both are definitely viable options, one option alone doesn’t guarantee success, […]

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chinese dating culture
Relationships&Meetings 19-03-2021

What Should You Know About Chinese Dating Culture?

Differences that Make The Chinese Dating Culture Unique Cultures vary on etiquette when it comes to the dating world, and Chinese culture is no exception. In this short blog, you’ll learn everything about dating Chinese women, so even if it’s your first time you’ll seem like a seasoned pro! In China, dating is second to […]

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sex at home
Sex 18-03-2021

How Chinese Women Have Sex With Their Boyfriends – Top Tips For A Bedroom

How To Enjoy Having Sex At Home Again Think about the beginning of your relationship. Chances are, you had sex wherever you could – in the car, in the woods, or even at your parents’ house! Now your relationship has matured a bit, you probably only have sex at home with your partner. Sometimes this […]

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committed relationship
Relationships&Meetings 18-03-2021

How To Have A Healthy Relationships With Chinese Woman (Main Tips)

Creating A Healthy & Committed Relationship It may seem obvious, but the first step to a healthy relationship is having a committed relationship. A committed relationship can be hard to find, & sometimes partners tend to stray when it gets rough. If you want your relationship to last, you must be ready to commit. So, […]

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