How Can White Guy Get a Date with Asian Woman

ways to find a date with single asian women

Whether dating is done online or offline – meeting people is a challenge. Other criteria make it even more challenging. Men have it harder than women; wanting to date interracially is harder than within your own race. For white men wanting to date, a single Asian woman is no new news. It is a widely known fact that white men fetishize or fantasize about being with Asian women.

With the trend of dating Asian women growing, it is getting harder to approach Asian women and leaving a lasting impression. To separate yourself from the pack of wolves, you need to be uniquely you. Women already have a hard time dealing with unwanted attention and unsolicited images in their dating chat. Don’t be the guy they want to block instead of the one they want back.

To find a date online, dating apps are an excellent first stop

There are apps with unique algorithms for matching, allowing you to meet with your preference instantaneously. Online dating apps are many, and each has its own purpose of development, distinguishing it from its competition. Just as online dating apps learn to survive in the pool of competition, you too will need survival skills.
Here are some other ways to find a date with single Asian women;

Local libraries

It’s a widely known stereotype that Asians love reading. And Asian girls are milder than other ethnicities; hence libraries and other quiet places like café’s are where you’ll find them. These spots make an ideal first date spot. You could grab a coffee and chat while reading a book and sharing thoughts.

find a dateGo out on walks with a pet

All women love men who have a soft side. When men walk out with pets, you are sure to grab the attention of everyday walking down the lane. Most times, you wouldn’t have to approach anyone; they would come to you asking for permission to pet them.

Make friends with Asians

If you haven’t noticed already, now is the time. Asians are a part of a tightly knitted community that values helping each other and sticking around. You are more than likely to end up with Asian women if you join a friend circle that’s predominantly Asian.


Now we know most people do not want to date within an office environment, but you spend most of your time in your small circle for a social life involving throwing parties. Workplace opens the door to dating women close to you as most interactions occur within the area of your interest. Workplace dinners further increase these chances.

Online dating apps

Specific websites cater to dating white men. Asian women looking for a man to date of their preference will join these websites as they are more specific. You have a good chance of scoring a date with the gal of your dreams if you navigate websites catered towards matching Asian women and white men.


A better way of meeting Asian women includes traveling to their country of origin. Going to East Asia will allow you to meet hundreds and thousands of Asian women in a day. Visiting a bar or club in an Asian country will further increase the chance of a positive outcome.

looking for a man to dateAsians are nerdy

Gaming and reading are the simplest hobbies a lot of Asian-Americans share. If you’re someone who can indulge in the same interests, you increase the likelihood of dating Asian women. If your tastes match, you can go on dates to comic cons or watch movies that adapt their favorite books.

Attend meet-ups or parties

Large gatherings are a great way of meeting new people, making new connections, and potentially finding a new partner. You could host a party of your own and ask people to bring their friends or attend parties of your colleagues or college time friends.

Utilize your college resources

By resource, we mean avail every opportunity to mingle within the social circles of Asian people and diversify your acquaintances. Another smart move would be to have a study buddy. Conversing with classmates is an excellent way of getting to meet women; friends make excellent cupids.

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