How to ask a girl out on a date: Real BBW stories revealed

BBW dating is different for singles. You can interact with adults who aren’t obsessed with weight. They look for qualities besides your appearance and expect the same.
As a plus-size woman, I’ve dated skinny dudes, athletic dudes, and plump dudes. Each man has the potential to date fluffy girls. Enjoy these stories from my online dating days:
tips for asking a girl out

“A guy asked me to dinner because he’s having a slow week and thinks this ensures that he gets lucky.” Sunday [04.2020]
“I’ve had men flirt with me because I am full-figured. They claim to love thick chicks. However, it’s offensive to be viewed as just an obese woman. I work out and eat a healthy diet. I don’t binge on Big Macs.” Friday [08.2020]
“I’ve dated a seemingly nice man and then asked how I got this way. When I clarified what he meant, he puffed out his cheeks as if to refer to my weight.” Monday [05.2020]
“During an intimate encounter, I was told I was the first BBW he has been with. If a girl doesn’t consider herself overweight, that’s a turnoff.” Monday [06.2020]
“Strangers have approached me on a dating site and inquired if I work out. I’ve been invited to meet to go running, so I can be healthier. This implies something is wrong with me, and I’d be worth dating if I am more active.” Saturday [07.2020]

Asking a girl out seems like no biggie.

However, imagine you like a plus-size gal for the first time. It shouldn’t be different, but you aren’t sure what it’s like. Many women you will approach have numerous dates with athletic guys. They won’t feel privileged to date you. If you’re new to BBW dating, let these tips for asking a girl out guide you:

  • Pretty women have many choices. They get asked out by singles of every body type. They are selective. They only say yes when there’s a personal connection to you, such as shared interests or a strong attraction.
  • Ask what she is doing this weekend. Accept excuses such as no childcare, work conflicts, or family obligations. If she has a free slot, there’s your opening.
  • Inquire about her favorite activities and where she hangs out with friends. Possibilities include restaurants, coffee shops, bars, bowling alleys, movie theatres, street shows, waterfront areas, state parks, and concert venues.
  • Suggest a short outing of 1-2 hours. Ideas include meeting for coffee or drinks and walking around an art festival.

full figureHow to handle her responses:

  • If she declines to meet on the proposed day and time, ask for a better day.
  • If she doesn’t like the activity, let her recommend another outing.
  • If she is worried about her budget, reassure her you will pay for her too.


When you’ve been flirting with a gal, there comes a time to meet. Hopefully, you’ve learned her hobbies and can suggest a fun date. Level with her: you’re excited about where things might lead. Don’t be pushy. While you’re pressured to choose the date and time, don’t pick the wrong approach. Often, a woman welcomes a dinner invite and feels comfortable choosing the place. Considerate girls choose a moderately-priced restaurant, or they order an entree in a decent price range. They like when you’re buying dinner, but they don’t resemble high maintenance girls. Sometimes, overweight women won’t order what they like because they don’t want to seem greedy. If they consider your feelings and budget, they are keepers.

Finally, on a first date, treat her like every woman. She has viewpoints on her attributes, including her health, fitness, dating life, self-esteem, intelligence, and chemistry with men. She can share stories that make you laugh or cry. She can offer opinions on your work or family problems. She can suggest what gifts to buy for your friends. She wants to build a friendship with you, so a relationship can evolve. If you take cues from her, the date will progress naturally, and she will relax and enjoy herself. Treat her with respect and focus on common interests. Give her your full attention. Realize her situation: she has worked hard to become an interesting person, and this could be the game-changing romance you desire.

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