How to Overcome Jealousy and Fix your Relationship

how to overcome jealousy

All relationships are built on trust – even with friends and family. However, trust is often the glue that holds a couple together and keeps them happy and steady. For most people without trust, a romantic relationshipship will break down quickly, especially if they lack trust is one-sided.

Another huge problem in – especially modern-day – relationships is jealousy. Few of us don’t use social media and upload photos for everyone to see and comment on – and we’re living in a society where what we look like and who we know is often more important than what it was even a decade ago.

There are many reasons for jealousy in a relationship. As a generation who don’t commonly marry young or only have one partner for life, unlike our grandparents and possibly even parents – meaning there are a lot more reasons for jealousy or lack of trust to appear within relationships these days.

What Causes Jealousy?jealous girl

There are a thousand reasons you or your partner might become jealous within a relationship – from cheating to your relationship history, ; there is no single reason why people might feel jealous or insecure within a relationship.

However, jealousy, like lack of trust, is one of the most destructive things to a relationship. If you or your partner want to know how to overcome jealousy within your relationship and move on together, it’s important to understand why someone might be jealous.


Insecurity and not understanding why your partner would be with you is one of the biggest reasons people are jealous.

Insecurity is when someone doesn’t feel good enough – this can occur at school, at home, at work, or even with friends – but when it happens in a relationship, the insecure partner often struggles to find reasons why their partner is with them – when in their eyes, they could be with someone so much better.

These feelings often create big problems from very small issues that normal couples wouldn’t even spot – for example, smiling at a waiter or waitress causing an argument.

Friendships with the Other Sex

It’s very uncommon for someone to only have friends from their sex in modern-days it’s almost unheard of in the western world. However, this doesn’t mean that we’re always comfortable with the other partner having friends of the same sex when we’re in a relationship.

However, this is a fine line between trust and jealously, with jealous or insecure partners believing they trust their partner but are jealous of their relationships with people of the opposite sex.


If you or your partner has cheated and have decided to keep trying with the relationship, when you forgive each other, forgetting it is just as important. No-one is suggesting you should forget that your partner hurt you – however if you decide to move on from it, you need to leave it in your past.

It is normal to be paranoid after a partner has cheated, but being jealous of their friendships, them spending time without you, or not trusting them at all will only hurt you both in the long run and will most likely end the relationship further down the line.

jealous womanPrevious Heart Break

Like when a partner cheats on you if you know your partner has cheated or broken someone’s heart in the past, or you have been cheated on or had your heartbroken – even when you think you’re over it, it can create feelings of jealousy or insecurity in a new relationship.

Suppose you find yourself feeling jealous based on things your partner or ex-partner has done in the past. In that case, you need to try and tackle those feelings and emotions – rather than projecting them onto your new relationship and potentially destroying it.

Mental Health Conditions

Several mental health conditions heighten the emotions of jealousy and insecurity – but with the help of a medical professional, these feelings can be easily managed and controlled. Jealousy isn’t an unhealthy emotion and something that all of us feel at times – however, when it becomes overwhelming or starts to take over, there are plenty of people to turn to feel like yourself again.

If your last relationship broke down due to jealously, online dating could be your fresh start for finding someone new and finding your happiness.

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