Songs About Lost Love – Can Music Help Heart Break?

lost love songs

They say there are five stages of grief – whether you’ve lost a partner, a loved one, a family member, or a friend. These stages are essential to our recovery when we stuffer the pain and heartache of losing someone we loved – whether through death, break up, or something else.

Heartbreak is something every human will suffer at least once in their life and is something even experts are still trying to understand. However, as far back as 1969, a Swiss-American psychiatrist named Elizabeth Kubler-Ross penned her first studies on the stages of grief based on death and dying.

In recent years, these stages of grief have been used for people who lose loved ones through death and break-ups and the breakdowns of families and/or friendships. The five stages of grief are the most common theories. However, some experts argue there are as many as seven stages or as few as two, but in this article, we will focus on the idea that there are five stages.

In the famous television sitcom Friends, when Chandler goes through a breakup, the series explores the five stages of break up:lost love song

  • Phase 1: Sweatpants – the stage where you’re too depressed to leave the house.
  • Phase 2: Get Drunk at a Strip Club – get drunk and distract yourself in preparation for stage three.
  • Phase 3: Picturing Yourself with Other People – the combination of alcohol and strippers should help you see yourself with other people.
  • Phase 4: No More Relationships Ever – declaring you’re over relationships and are going to stay single forever.
  • Phase 5: Acceptance – moving on and getting back to normal, sans sweatpants and strippers.

While we would never recommend Chandler’s phases for recovering from a breakup, they’re not too different to Kubler-Ross’s five stages, minus the strippers, of course! The following five stages are considered the main five phases of a breakup:

  1. Denial – believing that it’s not yet over and they might change their mind.
  2. Anger – I hate them for leaving me.
  3. Bargaining – If I had been better, they wouldn’t have left.
  4. Depression – What’s the point now they’ve left me?
  5. Acceptance – It was for the best, it’s time to move on with my life.

However, not everyone goes through every stage, and they can come in any order. But where does music come into solving a broken heart?

Science and several different studies have proved that music is beneficial for healing a broken heart and helping you get through the five stages of grief and back to yourself as soon as possible. And the good news is music can help at every stage, but how does music heal the heart, and what songs can help?

lost loveWhat Songs will Heal My Heart

There is no list of perfect songs to make you feel better as music is something everyone makes their unique connection with, and the same music that speaks to you might not speak to someone else in the same way – meaning it’s up to you to discover which music to listen to.

Listening to any music that you enjoy will increase your dopamine production and stimulate the happiness emotion in the brain, which helps relieve the feelings of physical pain caused by heartbreak. Other studies have also found that music can help strengthen our feelings of control and get us back on track for feeling like our old selves quicker.

If you’re stuck with what to listen to, songs that make you cry can be extremely beneficial when you’re in the depressed stage, as crying is essential to your recovery. When you’re feeling more hopeful and accepting the relationship is over, listening to an upbeat playlist of all of your favorite songs from the past can help you to remember the old you and get back to your life.

Once you’ve passed the five stages of grief, it’s time to start dating again – and there is no better place to gout yourself back on the market than the world of online dating. With more people than ever using online dating apps and websites to find love and lust – what are you waiting for? Start enjoying your love life again.

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