The Common Types of Lesbians

There are many different types of lesbians out there, and they’re all unique individuals. However, some patterns emerge within the community, and it’s good to learn what to expect from every kind!

Basically, you can break down lesbians into the following categories:

  • Butch
  • Feminine
  • Soft Butch
  • The Activists
  • Wasbians
  • Lesbians Until Graduatio

Each of these types of lesbian is different but have some common features that we will examine. We’re going to start by showing the types of lesbians that are most distinct, starting with the Butch.

  • The Butch

When people imagine lesbians, they typically begin with the Butch lesbian archetype. These women are the tough, motorcycle-riding, tattoo-covered ladies that will punch your lights out if you upset them. They keep their hair cut short, and they do not like to dress up like pretty little ladies. Instead, they wear clothes like jeans and t-shirts.

Many gay women are attracted to Butch lesbians. After all, they’re often very protective, strong, and confident people. Moreover, they are often handy and capable of fixing things because they took on jobs that are more often performed by men. That’s not a criticism, either. These are women that know how to get things done fast and right!two lesbians

  • The Lipstick Lesbian/Feminine

When people talk about a Lipstick Lesbian meaning, they mean a Feminine or Femme lesbian. These are the very feminine lesbians, so they are going to conform to typical gender norms in most ways. They are going to get into fields of work that are somewhat typical for women, they will wear “women’s” clothes, and they’re going to be meeker and more reserved in a relationship, often letting their partner take the lead if they are with a strong-willed person.

The feminine lesbian is hard to decipher from a straight woman in many respects because people expect lesbians to appear like Butch lesbians a lot of the time. It is very easy to find examples of Femme lesbians throughout the world, especially in show business.

Skinny lesbians tend to be the ones that take care of themselves and invest in their image. So, a Lipstick Lesbian is often a skinny one, but so are these other types!

  • The Soft Butch

The Soft Butch is somewhat of a mix or a compromise between Femme and Butch lesbians. Often, they will keep their hair short, but they will dress in an androgenous fashion instead of going heavily masculine or feminine. That means you can see a soft butch wearing a pantsuit with short hair. However, you’re not often going to see these women wearing lipstick or a lot of fancy femme jewelry.

They will mix and match the typical male and female attire and behaviors. Overall, though, they are more masculine than feminine, and that is the genesis of the “Soft” Butch name.

  • The Activists

Some lesbians are more involved with the cause of furthering the rights of people in the LGBT community than anything else in life. These are a different class of women altogether. The Activist Lesbian is often seen planning marches and protests to ensure a better means of living for people in their group.

They are not a unique type of lesbian in and of themselves. You can have a Butch Activist lesbian, for example. These women are more invested in the rights of women than others instead of not getting involved in community outcomes.

  • The Wasbiantypes of lesbians

The Wasbian is a woman that was a lesbian at some point in her life, and then she went on to get into a hetero relationship. This is almost a slur for some lesbians because it erases the bisexual women in the world, so it’s not a kind thing to say.

Some bisexual women end up in a heterosexual relationship despite their continued relationship with a person of the opposite sex. In short, don’t call someone a Wasbian unless it’s an inside joke with a friend that is going to get a laugh out of the situation.

  • Lesbian Until Graduation

Lastly, we have a lesbian until graduation. College women who like to experiment with the feelings they have had but did not want to act on for one reason or another. They’ll get into a relationship with a woman or have fun with many women throughout their college experience.

Once they graduate, though, they will usually settle into a relationship with a man and their family will be none the wiser. Some women are doing this to experiment, and others want to have fun. Sadly, many of these ladies feel their family wouldn’t accept them, so those relationships stay at college.

Many types of lesbians exist in the world today, and it’s good to know the different sorts that exist. While it is usually unfair to put people in boxes, you should be aware that some commonalities will help temper your expectations of being with someone. With that in mind, see what you can make of your lesbian friends, and you’ll learn that some things on this list hold true while other parts might be unique to them!

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